Ben Holdsworth

Our Company Founder and Head Translator, Ben, is a full Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists – the leading accreditation body of the translation and interpretation industry. In addition to having earned his degree in Portuguese and Spanish at Nottingham University, Ben has lived in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and the Caribbean. His years spent living in these places have allowed Ben to not just become fully fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, but also to gain a deep                                           understanding and love of the cultures and countries that speak these languages.



As well as having translated for travel, tourism, entertainment and sports publications (print and on-line) world-wide, Ben has benefited from a long working background within the corporate sector of the sports industry (marketing, sales, and interpretation).


Ben is now a well-established specialist in sports, leisure, and high-end business translations.

Contact and Accreditation

Telephone: +44 151 306 3678